2 mbps will soon be the minimum broadband speed – TRAI

Finally 2mbps will be the minimum service speed offered by isp's in india. This means will there be no FUP by isp? or atleast it is restricted to a minimum speed of 2mbps ? You can expect a lower price plan but the service taxes are always higher. Now you can stream your youtube video [...]

Blogging from Blackberry

Blogging from blackberry. Thanks to wordpress mobile app. Now I can post even snippet story or short blog posts from my blackberry. Still I need to explore more of its features. I can't figure out a way to upload pictures and so on šŸ™ Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

Prebook your Ubislate 7+ tablet for 2999 rupees now

A tablet with cortex A8 , 3200 mAh battery powered by Android 2.3 with GSM and Wifi connectivity and i am giving you it for a damn price of Rs.2999 INR. Why would i buy it ? Sorry was that a question ? Nope i mean where can i get it ? Who can give [...]

Jailbreaking your iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Is it safe to do ?

There is a misconception going Ā about jailbreaking the latest iOS 5 devices. People say it will void your warranty and should do it only after the warranty period. Recently Apple is insisting application developers to create apps which detect modified handsets. Some apps keep popping up saying " Jailbreak detected. App cannot run on this [...]

How to Unsubscribe from FutureBazaar.com Daily Sms Alerts

Disclaimer Update (30th May 2018): Dear readers, please remember this post was posted 7 years before, so I won't be responsible or liable for any SMSĀ charges or if this option no longer works. Please try it at your own discretion and risk. If you are one of thoseĀ frustratedĀ customers of FutureBazaar.com like me who get Daily [...]

Resolving DNS Issues with Airtel Broadband

If you are an Airtel broadband user and faceĀ DNS Error Redirection or DNS Resolving Error like the one below then most probably your network adapter is configured to automatically obtain DNS server from your service provider. The Modem acts as a DNS Server and sometimes in most circumstance theĀ DNS Error Redirection of your ISP may [...]

Creating a basic Zend project using CLI Tool in Windows

Zend Framework is an object oriented web application framework that uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture. Ā I have been using Zend Framework Ā for the past one year toĀ build php based web applications. Out of this period i found many freshers who wanted to start with Zend Framework, struck at the first point of creating Ā tree structured [...]

Buy and Sell in Internet with Sahipasand

It was yesterday that when i was looking for people selling second hand Enfield bikes i came across this simple and clean site called Sahipasand . At first i had no intent to browseĀ through it as i thought it was just another random site with bot generated listing. But i tried my luckĀ and found some [...]

The Silent National Anthem – Please Stand up and Watch

Somedays back i updated a status message in facebook something like this -> "How many of you feel a sensation and a special feeling when you hear our National Anthem" Almost all of them said Yes. National Anthem is not just a sound or music, its a Mantra which creates unexplainable emotion for every Indian [...]

How to troubleshoot problems while installing Magento in localhost

I have to agree that most of us face a lot of issues while installing the latest version of Magento in localhost. The version was released on DecemberĀ 8, 2010. So I thought of writing an article that would sort out the basic issues one would Ā face during magento installation. I am not much familiar [...]